Women of God

“Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”
-Luke 1:38-
In this month’s Christianity Today, an article entitled, "Faith of Our Mothers," highlights the impact mothers have on their children’s faith. All I can say is, "Bravo, ladies!"
Women, YOU ARE AMAZING!  You are leading our children and our churches in faithful commitment to God’s calling. You are teaching the single most important thing you can to our children--you are inspiring them to come to church, hear and read God’s Word, and experience the love of God! 
Mom and dads, the fact of the matter is your children could be hard workers in the workplace, polite to the waitress, and 4.0 students, but if they do not know Jesus, all of it will be for naught. They could win the biggest trophy and make the best team, but if they do not know Jesus, they will lose. They could have the brightest smile and the prettiest hair, but if they do not know Jesus, things will get ugly. Nothing in all of parenthood is so vitally important, and you--Women of God--are leading our families in faith. I applaud you!  
Single women play just as important a role! Children look up to you as their teachers of the faith. They love to hear your stories in Sunday School and they love to be able to share their struggles and celebrations with you. You are influencing our children in remarkable ways! THANK YOU.  
The greatest woman to ever walk the face of the earth was Mary, the mother of our Lord. Mary stood before an angel who gave her incredible news. She didn’t ask the angel exactly how everything would work out. She didn’t say she first needed to read How to Raise the Savior manual. Mary didn’t give God an ultimatum: “If I do this, you need to give me that new chariot.” Mary boldly declared that she was a servant of the Lord and she would submit to his will--no strings attached.
That was only the first page of the incredible journey of her motherhood. She faced insurmountable odds, including the possibility of death by stoning, scowls from neighbors, and the initial doubt of her family. Mary had her baby in a stable and then endured a dangerous trek to Egypt with that newborn, to avoid a blood-thirsty king. Did she regret any of it? Absolutely not. 
You mothers encounter lots of trials and challenges in your life. Can I encourage you today, to do what Mary did? Submit to the will of the Lord, as a mother and as a woman of God. Keep doing what you are doing in leading our families in faith! You are a wonderful example to us all. 
Thank you Women of God! Bravo! 
Lord Jesus, empower all of us to have the faith of Mary and submit to your will. Guide, protect, and strengthen your women to continue the work you have called them to do. We thank and praise you for all the women in our lives who make our lives beautiful.  
See you Sunday- I can’t wait! 
PS:  Love you, Missy and Mom!