Seaside with the Savior

I invite you come with me on a journey to edge of the sea. The early morning waves are lapping against the rocky shoreline. Do you hear them? The smoke from a charcoal fire rises into the clouds. Do you smell it? Oh, look! Out there in the distance, a well-used boat loaded with fatigued fisherman. They look rough, defeated, and dejected. Do you see them?  
Sunday begins a three-week sermon series on John, Chapter 21, in which the risen Savior appears for the third time to his disciples. But this time, it is not in a room. It is on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, near the city of Tiberius. 
John, Chapter 21 is one of my favorite chapters in scripture. We see our Risen Lord just as he is-loving, caring, forgiving, and divine. We see the Creator affirming the Psalmist's words, “The sea is his, for he made it.” (Psalm 95:5).  
I am excited to be with you as we sit near the inviting fire on the cold shore of the sea, with our Savior. We will ponder Jesus, the Greatest Fisherman; Peter, the Forgiven Fisherman; and You and I, the Called Fisherman. 
Come on! Jump in, as we discover our Risen Lord Jesus in our new sermon series…
Seaside with the Savior
Lord Jesus, you are the greatest fisherman. Sometimes, we just don't understand why others don't believe in you. Remind us that you alone give us faith. Empower us with your Holy Spirit to share the Gospel message, and then help us to leave the results to you. Thank you for always reminding us that you, alone, are holy. Thank you for the gift of faith! We humbly ask that you would reveal to the world who you are, that all might be saved according to your will. 
See you Sunday- I can’t wait!