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God is at work within Grace Fellowship! We are excited to kick-off our expansion fundraiser and to see what God has in store. We will be growing our current space to fit our growing church family and to help us grow deeper in our faith as we reach our community, serving and loving others... just as Christ has with us. Come be a part of this journey!

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**Grace Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and its Tax ID Number is 46-2744048. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed under law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the tax deductibility of your donation.


Newest Updates . . .

We have seen Incredible progress in the very first week of construction!
+The steel beams were set
+The separation walls are built
+The fundraiser is underway.
+ Contributions have reached over $38,000!
Thank you all for your support and generosity!

A message from Pastor Austin

Dear Fellow Redeemed in Christ,
It’s unmistakable that Grace Fellowship has been richly blessed since its inception in 2008, growing from just a handful of families worshiping at Gypsum Elementary School to later, a larger group gathering at Eagle Valley High School, and finally to our current home in the Santa Fe Furniture Building with regular attendance of 75 worshipers each Sunday. God has undoubtedly walked alongside us as we’ve grown and developed, and His amazing grace is evident in the love each of you so willingly share and express.
What we know though, is that God continues to call us to do more. We’re not to be complacent and still, but instead, fervent in sharing His Good News. God’s blessed us with a thriving body of worshipers, but it’s a body that can, and should grow. And to grow that body, we need to grow His House.
I hope you will join me and your fellow Grace Fellowship members as we embark on what we’re confident is the path leading us to grow our church – both physically and in fellowship and outreach. We simply want to share God’s grace and love with even more of our neighbors and friends, and frankly, we need a larger home to do that. This is an exciting time in Grace Fellowship’s history, and an exciting opportunity that God has placed before us.
I invite you to prayerfully consider giving financially to our capital campaign. Our expansion plans include a footprint increase of 50% with the addition of multi-use learning spaces and offices, as well as an extended lobby that will now be named the Family Room. We’ll have other upgrades as well, all intended for reaching our goal of being able to minister to more of God’s children, teens, adults and families.
We’re praying for 100% participation at any dollar amount from each of our members and regular church-goers. We’re a church community that wholeheartedly loves to share God’s love and forgiveness, and we want to be a community that together, is 100% successful in this endeavor. This would allow us to have ZERO debt and grow our ministry in a BIG way.
I look forward to walking with you on this journey as we position ourselves to better serve our congregation and community, sharing the great news that Jesus is Savior to all.
In His Loving Grace,
Pastor Austin Kraft + Grace Fellowship Lutheran Church 
The Launch Party
The worship team dawned hard hats too as they led the entire congregation in praise and worship.
Nancy prepared incredible construction-themed goodies.
Pastor Dan shared the ten-year history of Grace Fellowship and how the church started in an elementary school, then a high school, and settled in a furniture store! Plans include expanding further into the furniture store without having to build exterior walls.
Pastor Austin unveiled the building plans to the entire congregation Sunday morning. Plans include expanding the church footprints 50%. The new space includes a large lobby for fellowship, two classrooms / multi-use areas, a dedicated church office, and large storage area for all ministries including high school youth, adult ministries and classes, and AWANA.

Pictures from our Launch Party